Once upon a time I was a Fashion Student. So for those who at first glance see a fashion student or someone who is heavily indulged with fashion you aren't 100% wrong but you aren't right either. My love for digital design is out of this world. Something that was once only a class turned into a PASSION, turned into a way of life and turned into a career. 


On one hand, there was a girl who was in dire need of being in the fashion world and on the other hand, there was a shy girl hidden underneath a strong persona who was falling in love with designing.


I am so grateful to have realized that fashion was not for me at an early part of my college career. After taking a photoshop class during my first semester it took me right back to Ms.Romney's Technology 101 class and that was the birth of my alter ego. I had no idea I could be so GREAT in that class. Timing is everything right?


Fast forward a few years later, you have the birth of eXquisite Visuals. Who started as "Designs by Dine" and then took a turn too "Graphics by Dine" and as you know me now "eXquisite Visuals Design Agency. Talk about growth. As I grow individually, spiritually, emotionally and mentally so does eXquisite Visuals. My company and I go hand and hand. Imagine pouring that much energy or even time into something as great as this. Here I am now 3 years later stronger than ever. I wouldn't say that the journey was easy because it wasn't it was far from that but I am grateful.

A little inside tip If you are expecting constant emails about progress and what’s happening with your order. I guarantee I am not the designer for you and that’s okay. I am the designer that you deliver your content to and I turn your words into something magical within my turnaround times. (click here for a list of graphic designers they may be better suited for you. I am promising every designer listed is also extremely talented and well rounded).